Photo Waiver
This confirms the agreement between you and Pursuit Training regarding your participation in approved Pursuit Training activities in which you may be photographed or videotaped (the Property) from time to time.

For valuable consideration received, you hereby irrevocably grant to Pursuit Training perpetually, exclusively, and for all media throughout the world (including print, film, slides, non-theatrical, home video, CD-ROM, internet and any other electronic medium presently in existence or invented in the future), the right to use and incorporate (alone or together with other materials), in whole or in part, photographs or video footage taken of you as a result of your participation in approved activities of Pursuit Training.

Pursuit Training or its designee shall have complete ownership of the Property in which you appear, including copyright interests, and you acknowledge that you have no interest or ownership in the Property or its copyright. The Property will be provided to media outlets for their unrestricted use, indefinitely. Pursuit Training does not have control of the material once it is disseminated. This grant includes the right to use the Property for promoting or publicizing any of the uses.

You hereby agree that you will not bring or consent to others bringing claim or action against Pursuit Training on the grounds that anything contained in the Property, or in the advertising and publicity used in connection herewith, is defamatory, reflects adversely on you, violates any other right whatsoever, including, without limitation, rights of privacy and publicity. You hereby release Pursuit Training, its directors, officers, successors and assigns from and against any and all claims, demands, actions, causes of actions, suits, costs, expenses, liabilities, and damages whatsoever that you may hereafter have against Pursuit Training in connection with the Property.

This agreement shall not obligate Pursuit Training to use the Property or to use any of the rights granted hereunder, or to prepare, produce, exhibit, distribute or exploit the Property.

Pursuit Training shall have the right to assign its rights hereunder, without your consent, in whole or in part, to any person, firm or corporation.

Liability Waiver
By signing this form you give up your right to bring a court action to recover compensation for any injury to yourself or your property for the death arising out of engaging in physical activity, fitness assessment, personal training, fitness programs or other services provided by Pursuit Training.

I hereby acknowledge and agree that I shall discuss with my physician my participation in increased physical activity, a fitness assessment, personal training or fitness programs after a complete physical examination completed by my physician. I am aware that this increased physical activity, fitness assessment, personal training or fitness programs has inherent risks involved and in doing so I fully understand that I will be solely responsible for any injury, loss or damage that I may sustain.

I agree to indemnify and hold harmless Pursuit Training of all liability for all loss or damage arising from any cause whatsoever and hereby release, waive and discharge Pursuit Training from all liability to my heirs, executors administrators and assigns for all loss or damage and any claims of demands for such loss or damage on account of my injury to my person or property.

I am aware of the nature and effect to the RELEASE OF ALL CLAIMS AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY FORM that I am signing. I am executing this release and waiver of liability agreement freely and voluntarily without any compulsion on the part of Pursuit Training. I acknowledge having read this entire agreement prior to signing it.

Cancellation and Late Arrival Policy
Cancellation of sessions / meetings must be made at least 24 hours in advance of scheduled sessions / meetings. Sessions / meetings cancelled less than 24 hours in advance will incur a full charge for the session.

Sessions / meetings will start at the scheduled times. Sessions / meetings will not be extended due to the tardiness of the client. Any client who has not arrived within 15 minutes after the scheduled time shall be deemed to have cancelled and will be charged for that entire session / meeting.
Informed Consent and Fitness Assessment
My consent to perform a health-related fitness appraisal, the results of which will assist in determining the type and amount of physical activity most appropriate for my level of fitness. I understand that heart rate and blood pressure will be measured prior to the assessment. I consent to answer questions concerning my physical health, activity participation and my lifestyle to further inform Pursuit Training professionals.

I consent to the appraisal measures conducted by a Pursuit Training professional, who have been trained to administer fitness and lifestyle appraisals. I understand that there are potential risks, i.e.: episodes of transient light-headedness, fainting, abnormal blood pressure, chest discomfort, leg cramps and nausea, and that I assume willfully those risks. My obligation is to immediately inform a Pursuit Training representative of any pain, discomfort, fatigue, or any other symptoms that I may suffer during and immediately after the appraisal. I understand that I may stop or delay further testing if I so desire and that the appraisal may be terminated by the appraiser upon observation of my symptoms of undue distress or abnormal response. I understand that I may ask any questions or request further explanation or information about the procedures at any time before, during and after the appraisal.

I consent to reading and understanding all Pursuit Training forms and answered “No” to all Par-Q questions and have had a full medical examination with clearance to participate in the Pursuit Training Program from a licensed physician. I hereby release Pursuit Training, its contractors, agents, officers, and employees from any liability with respect to any injury (including death) that I may suffer during the administration of the fitness assessment, or in consequences thereof, except where the damage or injury is caused by negligence of Pursuit Training, it’s contractors, agents, officers, and employees acting within the scope of their duties.

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is applicable to Pursuit Training (“Company”) and sets out our policy on the gathering and use of information on this website (“Site”). The Company is committed to providing a safe website for visitors of all ages and has implemented this Privacy Policy to demonstrate our firm commitment to your privacy. The Company complies with Canadian Federal and Provincial privacy laws and regulations including the Personal Information and Electronic Documents Act.

There may be links from our Site to other web sites; note that this Privacy Policy applies only to our Site and not to web sites of other companies or organizations to which our Site may be linked. You must check on any linked sites for the privacy policy that applies to that site and/or make any necessary inquiries in respect of that privacy policy with the operator of the linked site. These links to third party websites are provided as a convenience and are for informational purposes only. The Company does not endorse, and is not responsible for, these linked websites.

Although you are not required to register to access our Site, you may be asked to provide us with personal information when you visit certain sections of our Site. Your use of our Site signifies your acknowledgement and consent to our Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to this Privacy Policy, please do not continue to use our Site. Your continued use of the Site signifies your acceptance of these terms and any changes in effect at the time of use.


Personal Information is information about you that identifies you as an individual, for example, your name, address, e-mail address, or telephone number.

We collect information that you voluntarily provide to us through responses to surveys, search functions, questionnaires, feedback, Client forms and the like. On our site, we offer health assessment tools that ask you to provide self-assessment information. We may also ask you to provide additional information such as your e-mail address if you want to obtain additional services, information, participate in a contest or to resolve complaints or concerns.


Before forwarding us any personal information, please be advised that any information gathered on our Site may be used in the aggregate for research and development relating to our Site and/or for future site development and, if you ask us to, to send you promotional materials. In particular, we may use information gathered about you for the following purposes: to monitor interest in our range of products and to assist us to tailor the content of our Site to your needs by collecting information about your preferences through tracking of patterns page views on our Site; to create a profile relating to you in order to show you the content that might be of interest to you and to display the content according to your preferences; and, in circumstances where you have indicated that you wish to receive additional information, to send you information about us and promotional material about our products together with details of any offers we may have available from time to time.


With the permission of an online visitor, information submitted at the time of registration or submission may be used for marketing and promotional purposes by the Company provided notice of this fact is made available online. If a visitor objects to such use for any reason, he/she may prevent that use, either by e-mail request or by modifying the registration information provided. The Company uses reasonable efforts to maintain visitors’ information in a secure environment. If you have submitted personal information and want to change it or opt-out, please contact us as described below.


The Company will not disclose personal information that you provide on its Site to any third parties other than to a Company agent except: i) in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy, or ii) to comply with legal requirements such as a law, regulation, warrant, subpoena or court order, and/or iii) if you are reporting an adverse event/side effect, in which case the Company may be required to disclose such information to bodies such as, but not limited to, Canadian and/or international regulatory authorities. Please note that any of these disclosures may involve the storage or processing of personal information outside of Canada and may therefore be subject to different privacy laws than those applicable in Canada, including laws that require the disclosure of personal information to governmental authorities under circumstances that are different than those that apply in Canada.


The Company, in common with many web site operators, may use standard technology called “cookies” on its Site. Cookies are small data files that are downloaded onto your computer when you visit a particular web site. You can disable cookies by turning them off in your browser; however, some areas of the Sites may not function properly if you do so.


The Company considers the protection of children’s privacy, especially online, to be of the utmost importance. We do not knowingly collect or solicit personal information from children nor do we allow them to become registered users of, or to request information through, our Site or help-seeking information lines.


Our Commitment to Security

We have put in place physical, electronic, and managerial procedures to safeguard and help prevent unauthorized access, maintain data security, and correctly use the information we collect online. The Company applies security safeguards appropriate to the sensitivity of the information, such as retaining information in secure facilities and making personal information accessible only to authorized employees on a need-to-know basis.

Storage of Information:

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By using this Site, you signify your acceptance of our Privacy Policy, and you adhere to the terms and conditions posted on the Site. By submitting your information, you agree that it will be governed by our Privacy Policy.

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