Pre-Hab vs. Re-Hab

Pre-Hab vs. Re-Hab

This month we are covering a topic not often discussed in most big box gyms, but a crucial component of the programs designed for our clients at Pursuit Training; Pre-hab.

What is Pre-hab?

Pre-habilitation or Pre-hab is a proactive approach to avoiding pain and injury. Through building strength and stability around your most vulnerable areas, you will improve posture, balance, joint mobility and function to decrease potential injuries.

What is Re-Hab?

Re-habilitation or Re-hab is a reactive approach to assist the client in regaining full function following injury. Re-hab can involve restoring strength, flexibility, endurance and power. It is achieved through various exercises and drills. The goal of the rehabilitation program is to help the client return to pre-injury fitness levels.


Why include pre-hap in your workout schedule?

100% of injuries are preventable. 60 – 65% of those injuries can be traced back to overuse or muscular imbalance or a combination of the two. The 35 – 40% of injuries that remain are caused by accident or trauma. Pre-hab can help with any injury. Through incorporating pre-hab in your weekly workout schedule you will reduce overuse, repetitive strain and other daily life type injuries. Since pre-hab addresses the muscular imbalances that may cause injuries, it can help to prevent some lower-back injuries, shoulder problems, knee problems and hamstring pulls. A traumatic or accidental injury may not be avoidable but with the use of a pre-hab program the trauma may not be a severe and the recovery is likely to be improved due to the conditioning that you have done.

Pre-Hab Exercises

Pre-hab takes many forms, here are a few different ways that Pursuit Training Coaches add Pre-hab to your routine.

Planks – Plank on hands or elbows and side planks.

Band Work – Squats or walking with band tied above or below knees.

Cross body Exercises – Bird dog, Superman and Mountain Climbers are all great examples.

Single Leg Exercise – Pistol Squats, Single Legged Straight Leg Deadlifts, One Legged Box Squats.

Balance Work – Yoga Poses like Tree, Bridge and Chair.

Pre-hab – Making it work for you

Pre-hab exercises can be completed separately or integrated into your workout routine. Make sure to inform your Pursuit Training Coach if you have any pre-existing injuries or historical injuries (they sometimes return when you least expect them). During your Assessment, your Coach will watch closely to identify any weaknesses or imbalances and will tailor your workout to help address and improve those concerns. Talk to your Coach from month to month regarding any pain or tension during or after your workout. Keep the lines of communication open to get the most out of your Training.

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