The Experience of a Lifetime

I want to take a brief second to say that this is your opportunity to challenge yourself, stretch your limits and have the trip of a life time.

Climb Mount Washington
As you know, fitness is my passion. I believe that the greatest gift you can give yourself or others is the gift of health and fitness. I also believe that it is our responsibility to use all of our gifts to the fullest. I want to give you the opportunity to use the gift of fitness you have given yourself and climb a mountain with me…

It is a personal goal of mine to inspire and empower people. I believe there is no better feeling than that of achieving a goal and feeling empowered. I have hiked Mt.Washington nine times and can not put into words how truly empowering each hike and trip has been. This trip has inspired and motivated myself and others to take on challenges previously thought of as impossible.

These are the feelings I want to pass on to you. There is no denying the difficulty of this, but with the help of others anything is possible which is why we travel, hike, achieve and complete this trip as a team. (training for trip will be provided).

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