Bio Signature Modulation
Pursuit Training understands the Bio Signature Modulation’s methods. We strategically
apply this study to your sleep, stress levels, hormonal balances, diet and training.
Bio Signature Modulation was developed by the world renown strength coach Charles
Poliquin. For a detailed description of the method, click here.

Given that everyone has particular & personal developmental objectives, and do not fit into a single category, the Bio Signature Modulation program helps to identify solutions that will work specifically for you.
We assess, and identify areas of focus,  and alter your body’s ability to perform at an optimal level.
With timely assessments and reviews, Pursuit Training is able to guide you to better
health through a 12 week program of nutritional supplements and training recommendations.


 “results aren’t measured in inches lost or pounds shed.  My strength is twenty-fold what it was, I’m at 14%-15%fat”

– Kevin

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