Short on Time? Three Ways to Make the Most of Your Workout

Short on Time? Three Ways to Make the Most of Your Workout


A common issue Pursuit Training clients have is a lack of time to spend at the gym. We’d all love to have the ability to have a leisurely workout, nice long stretch afterward, and then a soak in a hot tub. The reality of most peoples’ lives is that they are trying to get a workout in before work, at lunch, after they tuck their kids into bed…and some days it is a Herculean effort to find just 30 minutes for some self-care.


Here are three ways you can get the most bang for your buck when you only have time for a short workout:

1.  Sprint Intervals – Just 20 Minutes, No Gym Required

Sprints are a fantastic way to shake up your workout routine when you’re pressed for time. You don’t even need to drive yourself to the gym. Go to your backyard, a local park, or a track and spend 20 minutes doing sprint intervals (1 minute as hard as you can, 1 minute rest—repeat 10 times). This workout will strengthen your legs, bum, core, and help improve your cardio endurance—not to mention these are a major fat burner that will help get rid of your spare tire. You can even bring the kids.


2.  Burpees and other Plyometrics – Just 20 Minutes, No Gym Required

To burn fat and build muscle with the added bonus of helping you reach your potential for explosive power, plyometrics challenge your nervous system and muscles in ways that are vastly different from other types of workouts.  Try doing 3 – 4 sets of burpees for 1 minute each set with 2 minutes of rest in between, then 3 – 4 sets of jump squats; finish it off with a 2 minute plank. This can be done anywhere, anytime—great for when you travel for work or if you’re on a family vacation.


3.  Lift Heavier- 30 Minutes, Gym-based

Instead of your usual routine, change things up by doing fewer reps at a much heavier weight. Pick three basic compound movements (squats, deadlifts, chest press, for example) and really go for it (with a spotter, of course). Increase your weights so that you can only do about 3 – 5 reps before failure. After each set, take a good 2 – 5 minute rest. This one is recommended for those who are experienced with weight training; ask your pursuit training coach for guidance on safe lifting techniques and determining how heavy you should attempt to lift.


Remember: working out consistently for 20 minutes daily has overall better health outcomes than sporadic two-hour marathon sessions.

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