Get the Kids Moving

Get the Kids Moving


We all have heard about the increasing rates of Childhood Obesity, we see it in the schools, community centres and on our neighbourhood streets. In January of 2016 the World Health Organization presented the findings surrounding world wide childhood obesity rates for it’s Commission on Ending Childhood Obesity ( ). Below are the 6 main findings, directly from the report.

The ECHO Report has 6 main recommendations for Governments

  1. Promote intake of healthy foods
  2. Promote physical activity
  3. Preconception and pregnancy care
  4. Early childhood diet and physical activity
  5. Health, nutrition and physical activity for school-age children
  6. Weight management


That is great information, but what can YOU do?

  1. Be a great role model for the children and youth in your life. They watch everything you do and want to be just like you, remember that. Lead the healthy lifestyle you know you should, eat right, exercise, guilty pleasures in moderation and get enough sleep.
  2. Do not push or tease or ridicule. This is especially detrimental to tweens and teens as their psyche is fragile during the tough preteen and teenage years. Draw them along for fun events and adventures. Introduce them to new things, let them decide if they would like to take on a new challenge. Shop and cook with them. Watch food shows, challenge shows are especially fun to watch and they will learn about food preparation without even knowing!!
  3. Plan fun outings that are doable for all fitness levels and sizes. There is nothing more devastating for an obese child or teen then not being able to participate due to size restraints or an inability to complete tasks.
  4. Get help, engage your doctor, enlist the help of a nutritionist or other health care professionals to help you and the child or youth in your life along the journey.

Simple Bodyweight Beginner Exercise Program

This program is a bodyweight program that will be a great start for any child or youth new to exercise, regardless of their weight. Incorporating weights/machines to early can cause injury or Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness(DOMS) that will deter their interest in continuing the program. The other great aspect about this program is that it can be done at home or in the backyard or at a park, somewhere where the child is comfortable. The gym setting is overwhelming for adults at time and can be a deal breaker for overweight youth, try to avoid them until some comfort level is developed with exercise.

Push-ups (modify if necessary) – 10

Walking Lunges – 10 per leg

Plank – 15 seconds week one, add 15 seconds every week

Squats – 20

V-Sit – 15 seconds week one, add 15 seconds every week

Jumping Jacks – 30

Superman – 15 seconds week one, add 15 seconds every week

REST 1 minute (is the goal may need longer in the beginning)

Repeat 3 – 5 times

Simple Nutrition Changes

Introducing a strict and limiting diet from the beginning can be a complete disaster for most children and youth. It helps to get ‘buy-in’ on the changes as you make them. Here are a few ideas as starting points.

  1. Remove all empty calorie sugary drinks, from their diet and the house. WATER is your best option. Let them choose fruit to infuse it with, get them a fancy bottle.
  2. Remove or greatly reduce processed foods. If it comes in a box or a bag it is likely filled with preservatives and fake stuff. Explain to the child or youth that if they can not read or pronounce the ingredient they may not what to eat it.
  3. Limit (greatly) starchy carbohydrates, breads, cereals, sweets.
  4. Allow for 5 – 6 smaller meals to keep their sugar levels even throughout the day.
  5. Every meal is built around PROTIEN and VEGETABLES, no exceptions.

Sample Meal Plan

2 eggs (any style)
Turkey bacon or sausage
Tomato (or other raw vegetable)

Mid Morning Meal
Sliced Turkey
Bell peppers (sliced)

Salad (however they like it)
Chicken Breast
Apple, Banana or other whole fruit

Mid Afternoon Meal
Sliced Ham
Hard Cheese

Fish or Beef
Quinoa or other complete grain
Broccoli (or other cooked vegetable)

Evening Meal
Greek yogurt with berries (10 – 12)

Remember, small steps will ensure a strong foundation to the new lifestyle you are helping the child or youth in your life develop. Include them in the decisions and choices, if they are invested in the changes then the journey will be easier for everyone. Your Pursuit Training coaches are always here to help you.


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