Why You Need to do Plyometrics

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Why You Need to do Plyometrics

Better known as “plyo” in the gym, plyometrics are a type of exercise that encourages agility, speed, and explosive power. This type of exercise has some amazing health and fitness benefits:

Fat Loss

You got it—these movements not only improve your athletic performance, but they are also high impact and high intensity—your heart is working just as hard as your muscles. Plyo builds lean muscle mass and gives you a serious cardio workout. Plyometrics will make your fat cells beg for mercy.

Increased Coordination

Because these high-intensity movements activate muscle groups from head to toe and challenge fast-twitch muscle fibers, you will find that over time you will become agiler and experience improved coordination: this is one reason why Pursuit coaches often prescribe plyo to the performance athletes we train.

Get the Most Out of Your Plyo:

Complement these beneficial exercises with BCAAs (ask your Pursuit Trainer to recommend a high-quality capsule that will help you meet your fitness goals). BCAAs will speed up your recovery time, and assist with building lean muscle mass.

Tips for beginners:

  • These exercises are tough! Do your best. Think positive. And be proud of whatever you can accomplish. The first couple of workouts will be a real challenge—don’t get discouraged, remember that it’s a process.
  • Try doing your workout on a soft surface: grass, padded floors, etc.
  • Don’t over-do it. Make sure you take time to rest and recover between sets and between workouts.
  • Add in one of your favourite moves (below) to the end of your workout to burn whatever energy you have left in the tank.

Pursuit Training Top Plyometric Exercises:

Jump Squats

Jump Lunges


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Follow these exercises up with a high-protein snack and you’ll be well on your way to changing your body composition for the better! Have you tried our gluten-free, nut-free, dairy-free bar we’ve designed with our clients in-mind? Sold individually, or by the box, it’s the perfect post-workout fuel for your muscles and a great-tasting, nutritious any-time snack. Email: Michael@pursuittraining.ca to order.


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