Summer is Around the Corner, Are You Ready to Get Your Golf On?

Are You Ready for Golf Season?

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Pursuit Training is the official fitness trainer at Royal Ashburn Golf Club, in fact, our Pursuit Training Golf Fitness Guide comes with all of their Academy packages.

Here is a preview of what we’re telling clients from Royal Ashburn Golf Club, as they prepare to hit the fairway, this spring:

1 – Do exercises that mimic the movements of a golf swing
This may seem like common sense, but doing exercises, for example a walking lunge with a twist, will help you develop the muscle groups that will keep your form strong and provide your muscles with the memory of the movement that will make you a successful golfer

2 – Golf requires nearly every muscle group
A whole body fitness and health approach is the best way to optimize your game.

3 – Remember to keep your nutrition in check
Keep hydrated; eat lean proteins; avoid carbohydrates and abstain from alcohol.

4 – Consistency is the key to any training program; including fitness for golf
If you consistently work on your swing, exercise at the gym regularly and maintain a sensible diet, you’re sure to see your personal-best this season.

Royal Ashburn Golf Club offers Get Golf Ready programs as early as April. Whether you’re an avid golfer or new to the game, Royal Ashburn has a package that is right for you. Pursuit Training can support your athletic goals, improve your short game and your drive distance by designing a custom fitness program that suits your lifestyle. We won’t just improve your golf game, we’ll improve your overall fitness—it’s kind of our thing.


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