Body 360: How to Burn Fat

Body 360: How to Burn Fat

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Think of your fat cells as balloons. When the body is holding excess fat, the balloons fill up with a jelly-like substance; the balloons have expanded. When your body is getting lean, it is releasing that jelly from the balloons and they are getting smaller. Additionally, there are times in your life when fat cells also multiply, especially during puberty, pregnancy, and other events that cause dramatic hormonal fluctuation. Typically, adult people have about 30 billion fat cells; an obese person could have as many as 300 billion.

The principles we live by at Pursuit Training are designed to burn fat and get bodies to be lean, highly efficient, healthy machines. We do this by designing strength training and fitness programs that focus on gaining muscle mass. You’ll notice we don’t even have a treadmill in our studio…check out point #2 in the list below and you’ll know why.

5 Ways You Can Lose Fat

1 – Strength Training
Build that lean muscle mass, that’s the best way to encourage fat loss and reach overall fitness goals.

2 – High Intensity Interval Training
Scrap your no to low-intensity cardio routine immediately; it’s eating away at your lean muscle mass.

3 – Eat Good Fats
There’s a reason why people who are involved in bodybuilding eat avocado, nuts, and fish. Not only are these a good source of micronutrients and some, the nuts and fish, a source of protein, but they contain healthy fats.

4 – Careful With The Carbs
We’re not saying that you can’t have any carbs ever. Your main carb sources should be plant-sources, as opposed to breads, pastas, rice, or processed foods.

5 – Protein is Your Friend
We can’t say it enough, so we’ll say it again: protein is your friend. Lean protein sources feed muscle mass. Lean muscle mass is the best way to combat stored fat


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