Top 5 Ways You Benefit from Weight Training

Top 5 Ways You Benefit from Weight Training

One of our clients, Rebecca*, was working in a busy office and rarely made time for exercise. When she started on her health and fitness journey, she felt bad about how she looked, had low energy, and was feeling moody, unhappy, and restless. Rebecca wanted to change, but she was not going to “get bulky,” so she would stick to a cardio-based routine—beyond that, she didn’t really know what else she could do.

Rebecca is not an unusual case. Many of our clients are unaware of the benefits of weight training when they first come to us; women think it will make them bulk out and look unfeminine and men who are just looking to lose some belly fat reject the idea because they don’t care about being an Olympic lifter.

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Forget everything you thought you knew about weight training, here are the facts:

  1. Lifting weights causes better overall body function.
  2. Strength training raises your metabolic rate (which means you burn more calories at-rest).
  3. Burn more fat during, immediately after a workout, and in the long-term when you lift.
  4. Positive psychological effects and increased self-esteem have been linked to those who lift.
  5. See results. Weight lifting will give you positive body image changes, fast.

After she got over her preconceptions about weight training, Rebecca started on a strength training program with Pursuit Training through one-on-one and private group training services. When she finally got serious about lifting weights, she started to see the positive effects: her clothes were fitting better, she had more energy, she had decreased her overall body fat, she felt less lower-back pain, she felt great, and she was getting compliments from co-workers about how great she was looking. In the span of 12 months, Rebecca went from a size 12 to a size 4, without any crash dieting, special pills, or magic powders: she stuck to her weight training routine consistently and improved her strength and health with each session. When asked about the effects of weight training, she told us: “I feel kind of silly for having thought I would bulk up because I was lifting weights. A bodybuilder does exercises and eats with those goals in mind: my trainer at Pursuit knew what my goals were and I just had to trust their expertise, put in the work, and that’s how I got the results. I couldn’t be happier. One-on-one strength training with Pursuit gave me the shape I’ve always wanted and the tools to maintain it.”

*name has been changed to protect client privacy.

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