It’s a New Year: Let’s Take a Moment to Reflect

So long, 2015 – it was a great year!

We had many successes ranging from overcoming fears, conquering the Grand Canyon, throwing away our canes and walking with strength and pride, to countless pounds of body fat lost, muscle mass gained, and strength goals surpassed. In the upcoming year we will expand on our client’s successes from 2015, while encouraging, motivating and espousing our goal-driven culture. Our goal is to expand our reach and help as many people as we’re able to improve their health and fitness. We are excited to announce our new Pursuit Training blog that will increase our supporters’ knowledge and enable them to take control of their fitness, continue to give back and develop our community and our community partners, partake in weekend and 1-day group fitness events / retreats, incorporate our online fitness coaching and consulting services to businesses, offices and organizations and, as always, expand and improve upon our current services to deliver exceptional service to our clients that leads to results.

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