Michael Finigan is the founder of Pursuit Training, an innovative fitness training service inspiring people to create lives that are rich in Health, Empowerment, and Strength.

Mike was essentially born a fitness nut! From a very young age, Mike’s mental sense of competitiveness outpaced his physical ability to compete. Growing up with sports, Mike was most often smaller than his similar aged peers.  As a consequence, Mike had to train and work out at a higher level and with more discipline in order to compete with the top performers. His theory proved to be fruitful as he earned a spot in Roller Hockey representing Canada at the International level. His teams efforts were rewarded with a Gold medal, a feat he repeated 3 more times! Mike then went on to coach two North American Championship teams to medalling.

Mike began his fitness training career in traditional group fitness settings. He soon felt that the “one size fits all” approach was very efficient, but lacking for those looking for a more personal approach. As a result PURSUIT TRAINING was founded giving Mike a platform from which he could establish personal and individual fitness programs to meet the very specific requirements of amateur, professional and Olympic caliber athletes, or the busy schedules of committed executives and multi tasking parents.

Mike has studied with top researchers in the areas of health, fitness, and motivation, such as Charles Poliquin, Dr. Mark Scappaticci, and Richard Robbins, learning the most successful strategies for coaching, health, and fitness. A very active participant in the fitness community, Mike maintains a high profile, and continues to expand his portfolio of fitness and wellness strategies ensuring that his clients are afforded the very best support in achieving their individual fitness goals.



 “Pursuit training has put me in full sight of my goals and I couldn’t be happier” – Mike

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