Why Online Training is Awesome for People On-the-Go

Why Online Training is Awesome for People On-the-Go

Why is online training beneficial? That’s one of the main questions we get from our personal training and group training clients that are used to incorporating visits to the Pursuit Training fitness studio into their busy schedules. The clients we have who are most successful combine one of our in-person services with our fitness coaching app. This combination means you have access to our professional staff during each workout that you do, between sessions at the studio. What this means for most of our clients is improved accountability and the educational resources they need to ensure their success.


What people love about the Pursuit Training Online Fitness Coaching membership:

  1. Fitness On The Go: “I travel for work and the app has made it easy for me to stay accountable, even when I’m on the road. I have my workouts uploaded, video resources, and then I can log my workout or send a message to my Pursuit Training coach—that they often respond to in real-time. I can’t always make time to do the one-on-one training that I got started with, so this gives me access to that same service, from anywhere.” – Rachel F., 34, Oshawa
  2. Get the Most Out of Your Workout: “When I started going to the gym, I didn’t really know what I was doing. At the Pursuit Training studio, I felt strong and confident because the staff knows me and they walked me through everything. But when I would go to the gym between training sessions, I’d kind of walk around aimlessly, doing a few things here or there that I’d done in the studio, but I never felt focused. Since having the app, I’ve been able to focus and make the most of my time. I feel like I really get in a similar workout to what I would get at the studio—I use the videos and the message functions all the time.” –Jess, 27, Whitby
  3. Effective Maintenance Program: “I have been working out with Pursuit Training for about a year; I’ve learned a lot and I’m seeing incredible results. I feel like I’ve reached my fitness goals that my coach and I established when I started. The app has been a great way for me to keep in touch with my coach and maintain my optimum fitness. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be back, but in the meantime, the online fitness training is a nice option while I figure out what’s next for me.” –Kyle S., 38, Pickering

Online training is not for everyone though. You do not have the benefit of a trainer correcting your form (you can get someone to take a video and send it to us, but that’s not exactly convenient!); also, many people find one-on-one interaction with a coach to be highly motivating, sometimes the motivation-factor doesn’t translate online; if you struggle to get to the gym, an online training program may help, but it’s not going to drive you there—you have to be committed and consistent to see results (just like every other training program!).

Do you want a chance to try the Pursuit Training app? Email us with your request and we will set-up a demo with one of our coaches. If you’re an existing client, mention your interest to your coach at your next session.


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