The Best Outdoor Workouts

The Best Outdoor Workouts

Spending a little time outside of the gym is a good thing! Mix it up by taking your workout outdoors. Here are some killer moves that will challenge you and bring some life to your tired gym routine. An added bonus is that many of these activities can be done solo or you can involve friends and family.



A vigorous hike that tackles some varied terrain, even if it’s just an hour, can be refreshing for the mind and body. Unwind and get out of the city! Make sure you stay hydrated and bring some healthy, protein-packed snacks to refuel every two hours or so. Have you tried our gluten-free, nut-free, dairy-free bar we’ve designed with our clients in-mind? Sold individually, or by the box, it’s the perfect post-workout fuel for your muscles and a great-tasting, nutritious any-time snack. Email: to order.


A lot of fun and an excellent work-out! Spend some time on the water and work your whole body. Make sure you’re paddling properly. Watch this video for tips on paddling a kayak.

Do you have a favourite outdoor activity? Is there a great local place to do that activity? Share your insights with our clients for a chance to win a free session with our newest training coach, Mike. Facebook  Twitter

Looking to have an outdoor experience that will challenge you in new and exciting ways? Pursuit Training offers fitness adventures for individuals and groups. We have taken our clients to the next level in the Grand Canyon and atop Mt. Washington. Don’t see the outdoor fitness adventure you’re looking for? Send us your feedback so we can add your ideas to our fitness adventures.

Bike Riding

Not just for kids! Strap on your bucket and get pedaling. Biking can be a great way to get those high intensity interval training sessions out of the way. You’ll build lean muscle and burn fat, all while having fun in the sun.  Pro Tip: Lynde Shores is a great place to go for an outdoor workout and it’s local!


We don’t mean wading around in the kiddie pool. Swimming laps in the pool is a great, low-impact way to get moving. Swimming laps will give you a nice cardio workout and the resistance created by the water will work every muscle group.


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