Why We Love Deadlifts (and Why You Should Too)

Why We Love Deadlifts (and Why You Should Too)

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The deadlift. Sounds hardcore, doesn’t it? Depending on whether it’s straight-leg or bent-leg and what type of weight you’re using (barbell, dumbbell, kettlebell), there are differences, but let’s just speak in general for simplicity’s sake.

The deadlift is amazing because it is an all-over body movement that has particular benefits for the posterior chain. A well-trained posterior chain can give you a butt-lift, narrower waist, strong hamstrings, lean looking legs, put an end to back fat, and strengthen your posture (reducing aches and pains). Ladies and gents, want a great looking bum? Deadlifts. Want to lift heavy, but don’t have a spotter? Deadlifts.

Here’s what a correctly executed deadlift looks like:


Deadlifts mimic things we do all the time: picking up a box, moving furniture, picking up a child, etc. Imagine how much easier your days would be if you could perform those household tasks with ease?

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