Forming Unbreakable Healthy Habits

Forming Unbreakable Healthy Habits

One thing our clients ask is: how can I turn health and fitness into a lifestyle, not just a fad? It’s not easy; if there was a magic pill, grapefruit diet, or exercise gimmick that would create sustainable, lasting results to your overall health—the world would have already discovered it. The hard truth about fitness and health achievement is that it requires consistent behaviours that will aid you in meeting your health-related goals and it requires the mental fortitude to stick to it and make these behaviours into habits

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Let’s explore some strategies for creating these habits that will help you develop your fit and healthy lifestyle:


1 – Pick one habit to form.

Don’t go overboard and make a list of 1,000 things you need to start making into a habit today. Remember when we told you about aiming to continuously improve? [link to IMPROVE YOUR LIFE blog post] All that is required for you to start forming those positive habits and working on that healthy lifestyle is one positive change. It can be anything from 20 minutes of physical activity a day to skipping your morning bagel at Timmy’s. Whatever it is, make sure it is meaningful to your goals and journey. READ MORE about focusing on one task and simplifying.

2 – Announce Your Intention to Someone Supportive.

Let your, partner, best friend, or co-worker know what you’re up to. By making your new habit a matter of public knowledge, you’ll likely gain support for this part of your health and fitness journey. You’ll also have someone to whom you’re accountable, besides yourself. Remember to only share with people who will support you; do not look for support with a friend or family member who won’t share your enthusiasm.

3 – Be Accountable.

Not only are you going to make yourself accountable to the person(s) you share your new habit with, but you will be accountable to yourself. Set up a tracking system (you can use pen/paper, apps, a calendar, get tattoos—whatever works). There should be rewards and consequences if you break the habit—what does that look like to you?

4 – Don’t Stop. Don’t Give Up. Keep Going.

Give yourself a reasonable timeframe to make this desired habit a part of your healthy and fit lifestyle. If you miss a day, or two, or three, don’t beat yourself up. Make it a priority to see that you accomplish what you set out to achieve today, without worrying about yesterday or tomorrow. Life happens and there will be obstacles and challenges; your journey to a healthier you is not defined by these obstacles, but how you persevere and carry on despite the challenges. CLICK HERE to find out how long it takes to form a new habit.

5 – Organize Yourself for Success.

Remove as many challenges from your journey as you are able. If your goal is to workout more, what does that mean for your schedule? Does it mean packing your gym bag in advance of your workday? Does it mean going to the gym on your lunch break, instead of your usual routine? Will you have to make any other adjustments to accommodate this new habit? Really consider the ways you can set yourself up for success and the things you may have to give-up or change to incorporate this new behaviour into your life. By thoughtfully creating space in your mind and schedule for this habit to form, you are preparing to succeed. The act of organizing will also help you envision yourself doing that particular behaviour and accomplishing your goal. So get yourself organized for success!

Little by little, your sticktoitiveness will pay off. By focusing on creating just one positive change, you will start to feel the effects. Good luck!

Have a fantastic day!!

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